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United Parcel Service (shortened in initials as UPS) is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company.

Ups is an awful shipping company and has a horrible customer service, many packages are delayed and don't arrive together or in good conditions, according to Jason at

"Worst shipping company ever! I would give them a 0 star if I could! First, my package was delayed 3 times. Then, when it arrived only one out of the 2 packages came. We waited 5 more days and spoke to customer service multiple times. They were horrible! Finally, we were done. We drove 40 minutes just to get the other half of our package. When we arrived the box looked like it had been running over by the truck itself even though it said fragile. We opened it and one of the pieces was cracked! The bottom line is do not use ups!."


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shatanska says

"I totally agree with suggestions of reporting to Trading Standards and will do it straight away. I didn't read the reviews here, either, and regret deeply. I ordered an Oakley gift card (physical card) for my friend's birthday. I did it a month earlier, just to be on a safe side. After 3 weeks I realised I had never received it. Chased it by email and phone, giving them another opportunity to fulfil the order. I actually got through to them on the phone and they did respond to my emails, for which they are getting one star. However, to investigate the issue of a missing tracking number they had to contact their SPECIALIST DEPARTMENT (!), who offered me a 70 euro credit in my account as a compensation, instead of 50 pounds I paid. How is it giftable to anybody???Although it looks like a deal, here's the trick - I would have to phone them and quote a reference number to place an order, for which then there was no PayPal buyer protection or credit card protection, and the only proof of purchase would be the packing slip that comes with the goods! On no occasion a substitute electronic card was offered. My request for a refund dragged for over a week. I was told I could not get a refund due to their terms and conditions (apparently there is no refund for gift cards, no matter delivered or not!). Eventually they stated their system could not issue refunds for gift cards. PayPal case was opened and I received my refund this way. Oakley did not even bother to respond to the PayPal claim. PLEASE BEWARE OF THESE CON ARTISTS"

Graeme says

"The worst online experience I have ever suffered. On the 20th May 2020 I purchased a pair of Oakley Radar ev Advancers. These were received shortly afterwards. Upon opening them it was apparent that they had been previously worn as they were scratched and the nose piece was misshapen & the information booklets where missing. I contacted Oakley & was on hold for an hour and twenty minutes eventually speaking to Mohammed and was told that I needed to supply photographic evidence before they would accept a return. This I did immediately. After a week and no response from Oakley, I again contacted them. This time being on hold for just over an hour and was told by George that they accepted that they were faulty and issued a RMA. These were returned via UPS and received by Oakley on the 8th June. Having heard nothing I attempted to contact them numerous times, only to find there telephone lines had been closed and they were not replying to emails. On the 1st of July I opened a case with Paypal and shortly after I received a response from Oakley explaining that due to IT issues my refund had been delayed. That was over 6 weeks ago and I have received no contact from them since and are hoping to receive the £160.00 from Paypal. Update 1: Just received a garish Oakley bucket hat direct from Italy as an apology, but still no refund! Update 2: I have have received a refund through PayPal as Oakley never contacted me again after fobbing me off. I would advise people to consider if the purchases is worth the hassle of dealing with their questionable customer service practices and excuses."

RJ says

"Be warned do not buy from this company. I've been bitten twice now. They do not accept returns. The returns page on their website does not work, it just says that the order number was not recognised. and the phone number they ask you to ring has a recording telling you that they do not answer phone calls. The link in their terms and conditions for dispute resolution points to and invalid website (404 error). I have now reported them to trading standards. Covid is no excuse, if you can't manage the returns within the law don't sell the products. FYI: the UK returns address is: Oakley UK & Ireland, c/o UPS SCS (UK) Ltd, Parkway, Cross Point Business Park, Coventry, CV2 2SY, England They want a returns number on the package but as pointed out they keep returns numbers secret."

Tom says

"As per previous reviews no response from Oakley by phone or email after 2 weeks of trying to send a return. Just an automated response today “ Thank you for your email. Due to overwhelming volume, we are unable to answer your email in an appropriate amount of time. We welcome you to visit us at Oakley-link and view our "FAQ" section where you can find commonly asked questions and answers.” So I’m sending them back the entire order and getting my CC provider to get a refund and let them sort it out and get another brand in future."

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